Dance Education Songs

FUN to learn! FUN to perform! and FUN (EASY) to teach!
Dance Education Songs are popular with Faith Based Dance Studios, Preschools, and Early Elementary Teachers.

An Excellent Start

Provide positive, wholesome, child friendly songs that help children learn in many ways. Empower your little ones. Watch their confidence and skill levels expand as they discover they CAN learn and remember their lessons. They have fun singing the songs filled with positive values like following directions, listening to the teacher, taking turns, and respect and consideration for others. In addition, they will learn some terminology, a little dance history and practice proper beginning technique geared to their physical capabilities.

FUN To Learn!

Positive, uplifting lyrics compliment upbeat music. Their self esteem grows as they gain confidence in their ability to learn.

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FUN To Teach!

As they have fun singing the songs, they will be learning positive values such as listening to the teacher and taking turns.

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FUN To Perform!

All skills and behaviors are learned through repetition. Singing a song is EASY repetition. More like play, Less like work.

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The music and words LEAD the children through the class work and choreography!

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